The UAE announces a long-term hospitality agreement reached with la Biennale di Venezia for a “Permanent Pavilion” in the Arsenale – Sale d’Armi.

The exhibition is being held from
1 June – 24 November, 2013.


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The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development was launched in 2006 to highlight the UAE’s fast-growing community and thriving youths while not losing sight of its heritage and cultural scene.

The Ministry aims to revive the UAE’s heritage by inspiring and encouraging the creative talents abundant among the youths of today. It is responsible for promoting and investing in the energies of young people, inspiring them and adding to their artistic abilities. In doing so, the Ministry has raised much awareness towards the community’s cultural practices and in turn, has promoted innovation and enrichment of cultural communication. It is constantly working at creating an integral framework for providing detailed information regarding the country’s culture, youth and community development. In addition, the Ministry also organises ongoing activities and develops mechanisms to secure the necessary support required to achieve its goals.

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